Pop culture is already dominated by talentlessness — must we put so high a price tag on it?

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Once again, The Arts lay raped and unconscious at our feet, blood oozing out from its every orifice, brutalized by a pompous fuckwit who thinks being confusing is all it takes to become a successful artist.

And the worst part is, he’s right.

The fuckwit, er, “artist” in question is Salvatore Garau, from Italy, who recently auctioned an invisible sculpture for 15,000 euros (about $18,300 in U.S. bucks). The “sculpture”’s price was originally set between 6,000 and 9,000 euros, but was raised when a rash of shop-till-you-drop lunacy broke out among a group of shit-brained aristocrats competing for the most…

An artist’s purpose should should be able to withstand the apocalypse.

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“My job is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” — Mark Twain

Being a rebel without a cause can only take you so far.

And even if you are committed to a cause, does it have enough calcium in its bones to carry you through the trenches on the battlefield of the Artist’s Life? Does your cause have enough meat to sustain you on those days when your hunt for inspiration brings back nothing?

Too many artists create solely for money and fame — they might achieve what they want, but they’ll hardly be remembered when theaters no…

The world doesn’t give a fuck about your tears of offense, little tot.

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If you think Gina Carano’s social media posts were “harmful”, just change the channel, you pussy.

If you think “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is “problematic”, just switch to another station, you pussy.

If you think Joe Rogan spreads “dangerous” conspiracy theories, just unsubscribe from his podcast, you pussy.

If you think Dr. Seuss books are “racist”, just don’t buy them for your children, you pussy.

If you think J.K. Rowling is “transphobic”, just stop supporting her, you pussy.

If you think Louis C.K. is “toxic”, just stop watching his comedy, you pussy.

If you think ANYTHING is an assault on…


"Power dynamics"?!


Ok, you're invoking bullshit concepts cooked up by ideologically possessed "scholars" who may as well be conspiracy theorists, which means I'm out of this conversation.

One last thing though: I know you Woke Folk believe you're on the "right side of history" but constantly waging war artists and creators you think are "problematic", but keep in mind that history is never kind to those who support the silencing of others. Nobody today applauds the upset parents who threw away their children's Harry Potter books; nobody today applauds religious nutcases who went after heavy metal; nobody today applauds the police officers who arrested Lenny Bruce for obscenity; and nobody today applauds Nazis for burning books.

I think you're phenomenally wrong on these matters, but when the mob comes for you, I'll still defend you.

Enjoy your conformity.

Cancel culture continues to not exist as hordes of bored pansies call for the firing of someone they don’t like.

Firebrand actress and former mixed martial artist Gina Carano was recently canned by Disney/Lucasfilm from her role on the popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian, and will not be returning to any other Star Wars project in the future. To a loud ’n’ fragile few, this punishment fit the crime like a glove.

Her firing came after she shared a social media post about how the Nazi party convinced German citizens to hate their neighbors simply for being Jews, and made the point that this is not much different than hating someone today for having different political views. This post…

Fear not — it’s nothing dire.

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Because of some major life shakeups I’m currently going through (don’t worry, they’re positive shakeups), the Reckless Muse will take some time off from raising necessary hell for at least a month or so.

There might be an article or two that leaks out, should I be attacked by a crazed bout of inspiration or a brief bit of free time, but for the next 6–8 weeks, don’t expect too much content from the publication.

But rest assured that the Reckless Muse is by no means surrendering in her fight against the whiny menace of political correctness, and will come…

It might be a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

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Life itself is an eternal wellspring of story ideas, an endless source of material to be molded into tales that provoke, excite, frighten, and delight, long after pen is lifted from page.

However, no matter how much inspiration can be derived from our daily successes and failures, it’s all for naught if we fail in our dreamer’s duty to properly elevate the debris of existence into something profound and engaging.

It’s for this reason that the eons-old literary adage of “write what you know” should remain a vital part of the writer’s process — but only if it’s utilized properly.

What Many Writers Don’t Understand About “Write What You Know”

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In this week’s Reckless Museletter, kick the year off with some hellacious creative goals; Sherlock Holmes is problematic; some biting political satire; and more.

3 New Year’s Resolutions for the Hellraisin’ Artist

It’s still not too late to figure out how to kick your artistic career in the ass and show the world what you can do, so how about us creative folk give 2020 a heroic middle finger, and attack 2021 with a ferocious artistry that scares angels and makes demons proud? Read the story here.

Wokeness Comes for Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the latest fictional character to be molested by the Woke Gestapo, and the person leading the charge is…

There’s always something new — or old — to be offended by.

Image by Eric Neil Vázquez from Pixabay

Because today’s pop culture isn’t offensive enough, it’s incumbent upon us to dig up the corpses of literature’s past to shame them into the Submission of the Socially Just. Now THAT’S how you progress.

Sherlock Holmes is the latest fictional character to be molested by the Woke Gestapo, and the person leading the charge is Ashley Morgan, a feminist academic and Masculinities Scholar (whatever the fuck that is) at Cardiff Metropolitan University, a pink-haired feminist whose Twitter bio proudly proclaims that she is “researching masculinity to overcome feelings of oppression”. …

Being boring will get you nowhere.

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“True art


from flying

with the madness

so close

you burn

your eyelashes.”

- Atticus

Armed with wayward minds and a rabid desire to play with fire, artists are of a manic breed that can’t be easily disciplined by outside forces. Because of this bone-deep deviance, those who listen to that clarion call to create are often known to adopt some bizarre habits to bring their visions to life — that is, if they didn’t come screaming into this world with those habits already built in.

We’ve all heard these stories — actors going to extreme lengths to prepare…

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