A few questions:

…but in reality they do play a role in how different groups of people experience the world and in the disparate outcomes they have in most areas of their lives.

Do all members of groups experience the same outcomes, or lack thereof?Which areas of their lives in particular?

There is a clear hierarchy of power and advantage that has been designed into the world we live in.

What does this hierarchy look like? First it’s white men, then white women, then who else after that?

The point is not to blame anyone for being white, or to make anyone feel guilty.

But aren’t there better ways of addressing this, rather than accusing someone of having “privilege”? What does privilege look like? Is it the same for all white men? Isn’t it also a matter of perspective (what’s privilege to one person is hard work or good timing/luck to another)?

Or white women actually having better life outcomes than non-white women because of the system of advantage that our founders left us with?

This is a broad statement; do you have any stats that back this up?

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