But that’s just it though. “Toxic masculinity” has become such a broad, malleable term that’s used to describe every little behavior that bothers feminists. According to today’s feminists, men who rape and men who open doors for women are “toxic”. There’s no nuance among feminists anymore.

I think one of the things that disgusts me most about modern feminism is that there isn’t a single mainstream feminist who calls for some kind of moderation of the term. Not. A. One. “Mansplaining”, “manspreading”, “male privilege”, “manterrupting”, “male tears”, “male fragility” — look at all of the viciously anti-male terms that have arisen in recent years. Feminists are fighting sexism with sexism.

If feminists genuinely cared about equality, they’d be talking about “toxic femininity” with the same fervor they talk about “toxic masculinity” with, but they don’t. They only care about equality when it benefits them.

I believe that we should do away with ascribing toxic behaviors to any gender — all it does is split us up, giving ammo to feminists and MRAs (both groups I’m equally opposed to) to attack each other with. I believe that men and women are equally capable of being “toxic” to themselves and each other, and that we should treat each behavior as an individual case and not merely the symptom of being of one or another gender.

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