Can’t Think Of What To Blog About? Here Are Some Stupid But Amazing Ideas

I’ve seen too many articles on Medium about how writers can come up with new ideas on what to write about.

But still, what’s one more article on the matter, right?

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I know it can be tough for bloggers out there looking for potential topics to write on. But like an old editor once told me, “If you don’t know what to blog about, blog harder!”

If you’re struggling with what you should write about next, declare war on Writer’s Block and arm yourself with some of the ideas below!

Write a blog post about all of your weird but effective writing habits in a vain attempt to be cathartic and authoritative.

Writer’s love sharing their deep, dark, perverse secrets with complete strangers on Medium, and they also love writing about writing, so why not set these two topics up on a blind date and have them produce an illegitimate blog post topic after a passionate night together?

So instead of hiring a therapist that the money from your Medium Partner account can’t possibly cover, open up to readers you’ve never met before and get some content out of it.

Oh wait, someone already did that. Me:

Write a contrarian article about why spoilers for highly-anticipated blockbuster movies aren’t that big of a deal.

Do you like being edgy just for its own sake? Do you get off on spoilers and think that there’s simply not enough content out there about how spoilers are actually good for your health or whatever?

Well, you’re in luck, you guerrilla blogger, because it looks like you’ve got yourself something to write about!

Before watching a movie that everyone and their stepmother will watch, go on Reddit and bone up on all of the latest leaks. Then write about how you’re never going to watch another movie without knowing what they’re about first like some sort of lazy soothsayer.

Oh wait, someone already did that. Me:

Write about obscure grammar rules that aren’t that important but people should learn about anyway.

Weren’t you paying attention?! I’ve already established that Medium writers like writing about writing! Do I as a Medium writer now have to write an article on Medium about how Medium writers like to write articles on Medium about writing on Medium?!

Jesus Louisus!


This is an easy-sleazy topic to write about. Simply find an interesting grammar rule that people will find utterly useless, and write about it in an uppity way while still making it clear how the reader is wasting their time and claps on so worthless an article. And be sure to give it a clickety-baity title, too!

Oh wait, someone already did that. Me:

Looks I took all the best story ideas. Sorry, I guess.

Maybe my next article on this topic will feature some ideas I haven’t dominated yet.

But probably not.

If you enjoyed reading my blogging antics as much as I may or may not have enjoyed writing them, follow me on Twitter for even more literary irresponsibility!

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