"Power dynamics"?!


Ok, you're invoking bullshit concepts cooked up by ideologically possessed "scholars" who may as well be conspiracy theorists, which means I'm out of this conversation.

One last thing though: I know you Woke Folk believe you're on the "right side of history" but constantly waging war artists and creators you think are "problematic", but keep in mind that history is never kind to those who support the silencing of others. Nobody today applauds the upset parents who threw away their children's Harry Potter books; nobody today applauds religious nutcases who went after heavy metal; nobody today applauds the police officers who arrested Lenny Bruce for obscenity; and nobody today applauds Nazis for burning books.

I think you're phenomenally wrong on these matters, but when the mob comes for you, I'll still defend you.

Enjoy your conformity.

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