I completely disagree with you, but I appreciate your measured and mostly polite response.

We all face identity politics and in my opinion being “woke” is a good thing. Everybody needs to be “awaken” on any number of fronts. Whether it be race, privilege, culture or gender.

I don’t see being “woke” as a good thing at all. As I stated in the article, there isn’t a shred of consistency to that dogma. If I mention the challenges I face in my life, then I’m seen as a “person of color”. But if I criticize wokeness, then I’m seen as “white” and “privileged”. Why don’t more people call this out? Wokeness only cares about “oppressed” groups when they can be used to further an ideology that places identity over character.

You don’t have to like being called out on your white male privilege but maybe you could try to get feedback from friends that are not white and male and really listen.

This is an incredibly arrogant attitude to have. In your eyes, I have a condition and you have the cure. Disgusting.

And again, assuming I have white male privilege. Other than what I’ve revealed here, I still haven’t said much about how identity has affected my experiences. This is the actual definition of prejudice, as you’re PRE-judging me while knowing basically nothing about me.

That is if you have any true friends that are not white and male. If you do and I hope you do will they really tell you what they think.

I have friends across numerous races, genders, and views, and I’m actually incredibly thankful that they don’t make my identity a topic for discussion. They’ll call me out if I’m being rude to anyone, but they won’t lecture me about my “privilege”, “bias”, “power”, or other vague woke buzzword, and I treat them with the same respect. What kind of friends would nag you about your superficial characteristics?

Question is, would you really listen and some day be “woke” yourself?

The hubris of cults knows no bounds. Wokeness has all of the answers, and everyone else is wrong, apparently. This is exactly the sort of absolutism that I’m sworn against, this us vs. them mentality. Badgering won’t do any good to convince others of your views.

Happy Easter

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