I have a plethora of problems with the term “toxic masculinity”.

First, it’s come out of academia which leans heavily to the left and which only allows certain conclusions to be published. The “scientific” literature behind the term is faulty at best, as the practices involved in understanding it are highly ideological.

Second, the term has countless vague meanings. Everything that men do that bothers feminists is considered toxic nowadays; men who rape are toxic, and men who open doors for women are toxic.

Third, if gender equality is the end goal, why don’t women receive the same scrutiny for their “toxic” behaviors. There are a few measured attempts to explore it, but right now, it’s only toxic masculinity that gets the spotlight. Here’s one example of someone trying to shine a spotlight on how female typical behavior can go too far:

If feminists really want the term “toxic masculinity” to be taken seriously by the masses, perhaps there should be more of a concerted effort to establish a clearer definition of the term instead of merely throwing it around whenever a guy, say, makes a dumb joke.

Currently, there are almost no calls for sanity and consistency in modern feminism, at least none coming from within or from prominent feminists. Why is that?

Some introspection could go a long way…

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