"I think you’re perspective as an American has not allowed you to understand race beyond the context of the U.S."

That's quite the assumption you've made there. Care to back it up?

"Also, are you comparing being picked on by brown Mexicans to systemic racism? I’m genuinely curious because those are really not the same and nowhere near the same."

This is a flat-out lie. I said NOTHING about comparing my experience to system racism. All I did was share my personal experience and how it ties in to the ferocious inconsistencies of today's identity politics.

"The point should be to acknowledge white privilege as a white Latino so that there is more awareness of the racism that Black and brown people face in the U.S. and in Mexico."

Very presumptuous of you, telling me what the point of my article should be. I made my point, which you refuse to address. Also, define privilege. Woke Folk toss that word around constantly, but there doesn't seem to be any clear, steady definition for it. If you use it as a counterargument, you've already lost the debate; hurling labels at your opponents - especially vague, trendy slang like "privilege" - is a poor form.

This was a poor response, Britney. If you want to debate me, actually put in the time to understand my points and back up your arguments with genuine logic and proof, not buzzwords and condescension. If you want to talk like adults, I'm more than ready for it. But if you're going to continue down this line, don't even bother responding. Keep up this intellectual laziness, and you will be blocked.

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