I’m Mexican But I Look White. Identity Politics Only Makes It Harder

Growing up with my “condition” was weird. Today, it’s weirder.

Image by ZENITH LR from Pixabay

Problem #1: Am I White Or A Person Of Color?

Identity politics is wildly inconsistent in terms of how it differentiates those who are in power and those who are “marginalized”. If I highlight the difficulties I’ve faced and the unique responsibilities that have resulted from my identity, then I’m a person of color. But if I criticize wokeness, then I’m white.

Problem #2: Identity Politics Is Prejudice Parading As Fairness

Up until now, I’ve shared almost nothing about my identity, my background, my personal history, my upbringing. And yet, a few supposedly wrong opinions is enough for my critics to brand me as “white” and “privileged”. These people know nothing about the challenges and benefits that I had while growing up. They know nothing about my experience of being picked on by whites for being Mexican, and picked on by Mexicans for looking white.

I cover art, culture, film, comedy, creativity, books, and more at https://medium.com/the-reckless-muse

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