Several questions:

What you will find is at the most senior level — the executive ranks — this is where the gender pay gap is at its greatest. Women are paid 5% less than their male equivalent, i.e. same job and qualifications.

Do you have any studies or surveys that back this up? And if you do, do you know why that 5% wage gap exists at all? Are there any other reasons outside of sexism that may explain it?

What we are witnessing here is unconscious bias.

Again, do you have any proof of that? Unconscious (or implicit) bias tests are seen as highly dubious in the scientific community. Here are some articles from top publications that cast doubt on the validity of these tests:

Your article mentions nothing about hours worked, which greatly affects the wage gap. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, men work longer hours across the board, including full time, part time, and weekends & holidays. And while, not all businesses have this pay structure, many pay overtime, which is typically time and a half. If most overtime hours are going to men, wouldn’t that dramatically increase their average salary?

Also, have you looked at the most popular majors by gender? Most of the majors favored by men are in lucrative fields (engineering, computer science, business, etc.), while most of the majors favored by women are NOT lucrative (nursing, early education, social work, etc.).

Last question: Can you delete this article? The wage gap has been proven countless times to have almost nothing whatsoever to do with discrimination, and this type of content only spreads confusion.

Seriously, if you care at all about facts, data, and reality, you’ll delete this article. Or at the very least, provide actual proof for your vague arguments.

Thank you.

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