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I pity you that you don’t see the flagrant display of wokeness here, as it’s quite evidenced by the vague progressive buzzwords being bandied about, like “diversity”, “inclusion”, “equity”, “decolonizing”, etc.

I’m absolutely in favor of diversity by addition, but not diversity by subtraction. The philosophy that was promoted at this event is absolutely rooted in identity politics: “it’s not your character that matters, it’s your identity”. It’s this philosophy that Yale used to get rid of Western Art classes recently because it focussed mostly on white male artists. It’s what fueled efforts to try to get rid of Dr. Seuss books because it the Cat in the Hat was supposedly about black face. Museums are doing away with classic paintings because they supposedly sexualize the female form, etc.

There are plenty of other cases like this where the worth of creator’s work is judged not by it’s influence or skill, but rather by the identitarian factors at play.

And that’s what I’m criticizing here.

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