Thanks for your response!

Nothing slanderous about my article — all of the ridiculous sessions I included were real, and I even linked to where readers can find them, and more.

I agree with you that there were times when the right — in particular, the religious right — forced strict dictates on aspects of our culture, and how this still happens to some extent.

I hate censorship of just about any kind, but the kind I’m railing against in this article just happens to come from the radical left, as it aims to encourage libraries to rid themselves of books written by authors simply because of their race, gender, and sexuality. Seems to undermine much of what the Civil Rights movements fought for, doesn’t it?

The example you brought up about US states allow parents to let their children die by refusing medical care based on religious beliefs is absolutely disgusting, but I fail to understand why it should be included in an article about the street legal bigotry of Canadian libraries…

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