““Well intentioned” doesn’t stop you from harming others even when you’re dying to do good; “well intentioned” protects you as everyone else suffers the consequences, “well intentioned” silences those with valid consequences.”

I agree completely agree with this, but how come this type of scrutiny is only directed at white people? Why is it that when it gets directed at people of color, it’s considered racism, but now when it’s directed at white people? I’m pointing out that massive hypocrisy that’s so prevalent in woke ideology, and you’re just mad because I don’t support the ridiculous idea that “only white people can be racist”.

“I mean the phrase, not her criticism. It’s about addressing and unpacking privilege, which people like you still don’t understand what that means.”

I despise the term “privilege”, as it’s such a vague malleable term that be tossed around with impunity as long as you consider yourself “marginalized”. I’ve asked dozens of woke people what it means and have read dozens of articles, and the definition varies every single time. Maybe if Woke Folk actually stuck to coherent definitions or pointed to specific cases of ACTUAL bigotry, they wouldn’t be such a cultural joke…

“You want to be a culture writer, but only understand white culture and cannot critically engage with anything outside your own understanding.”

This is a disgusting, bigoted, and very prejudiced remark. For starters, I’m Latino, but sure, make snap judgements about me despite knowing nothing about me. Also, what if a white reader were to say to a black writer “you only understand black culture and cannot critically engage with anything outside your own understanding” — that’d be a pretty racist remark, right? But somehow you can get away with it?

(And here’s some more woke stupidity for you — if I highlight the racism I encountered in my life, then I’m considered a person of color, but if I criticize wokeness, then I’m white and privileged. Care to address that inconsistency?)

“What was the point in writing this? It’s literally only to defend white women and say that it’s unfair non white women can’t be criticized.”

The point is quite obvious — if you consider yourself marginalized, that shouldn’t give you the privilege to be a bigot and get away with it. If you read my article and left it believing that I was only defending white women, then you’re either an idiot or illiterate. I was criticizing the raging hypocrisy behind this disgusting mentality, regardless of who holds it. If the races were reversed — a white author said she was trying to challenge well-intentioned Asian women — I would be saying the exact same thing: stop lecturing members of another race, because it’s racist.

So when it comes to reading and engaging with articles you disagree with, maybe you should take your own advice: Do better next time.

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