Your entire response is a deflection from the point I was making in my article. Of course there are bigger issues to worry about than the snobby opinions of journalists and influencers, but my article wasn't about those issues.

"Latina women are having forced hysterectomies on the border.

Not voting means you are comfortable with that."

This is an incredibly arrogant statement to make. Yes, the plight of Latina women is a serious issue that should be dealt with, but assuming that someone who didn't vote against it is automatically "comfortable" with it demonstrates a monumental lack of empathy on your part. It ignores the possibility that those who voted for Trump just weren't aware enough of the problem, or they that they truly think that Trump will eventually address the problem. Like I said, they may be incorrect in their voting decision, but that's for history to decide.

Instead, you assigned a malign intention to people you disagree with. Again, no empathy from you.

Ironic, really, considering how you used emotional appeals to make your argument instead of logic.

And please define "white supremacy" - this, like many woke buzzwords, has been diluted with overuse and is quickly losing the power and meaning it once had. After all, as economics teaches us, overabundance decreases value.

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