I mean the fact that you were born white and male and straight is one of the biggest impacts on your character

You’re making a lot of assumptions about me, despite knowing nothing about me. How do you know that I’m white? That I’m a cis-male? That I’m straight?

This is exactly what I find so troubling about woke culture, this victimhood mentality. All one has to do is position themselves as a member of a “marginalized” group and POOF! they’re free to hurl all of the stereotypes and generalizations at other groups they want with impunity. This isn’t equality. In fact, it’s ANTI-equality.

it informs the way you see the world, it informs the way the world has seen you , and informs the way the world has treated you. Character does not develop in a vacuum. It is taught and molded and pruned. The foundation of your character is your identity plus the character of the people who raised you and whoever influenced you.

I agree with you to an extent; as I stated in the article, your surface characteristics CAN influence your experience, but not always. The logic you’re employing in that first sentence is the same kind of logic that fuels bigotry towards other groups, as it dictates that being born with a certain skin color, genitalia, sexual orientation, etc. have the same experience, the same views, the same ways of thinking, and that’s simply not true. Not all whites have the same experiences, not all blacks have the same experience; not all men have the same experience, not all women have the same experience, etc. etc. etc.

I totally agree with you that the character of the people who raise/influence you impacts your own character. But wokeness as a whole ignores that inconvenient fact, and proudly declares that “your identity is what creates your character”. Much like your (incorrect) judgements of me stated.

And as for White Fragility, I wouldn’t trust Robin DiAngelo’s assessment of anything. She’s a hack academic who’s cynically cashing in on the Oppression Olympics that’s currently playing out in our culture, and has cooked up a whole bastard philosophy based on circular thinking and a faulty understanding of history. She’s wrong about individuality: seeing people as merely members of a group is what CAUSES bigotry, whereas seeing them as individuals, with their own unique set of experiences and traits, is what CURES bigotry.

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