“You present an easy, simple world that I truly wish we all lived in. I truly wish I could say “I agree” and leave it at that. But I know I can’t.”

You’re wrong. My point is quite the opposite, that the world, and its inhabitants, are far too complex and chaotic for the simplistic black & white solutions that modern-day identity politics offers. In woke orthodoxy, it’s straight white men vs. everyone else.

“when someone is pigeon-holed and dismissed and “stereotyped” because of being a white male, it’s not because anyone thinks there is something intrinsic about who you are that makes you somehow “bad” just because you are white and male.”

This is exactly the sentiment that I’m criticizing in my article: why is that when YOU pigeon-hole someone of a different race/gender, you get applause, yet if THEY do it, then they get boos? This is a hypocrisy that’s as obvious as the sky, yet far left identitarians still miss it.

But we non-white-males also know that gender, race, and sexuality engender REAL DIFFERENCES IN EXPERIENCE in today’s society.

You’re treating all non-white-males as if they’re all the same, when they’re not. Yes, experiences will overlap, but to assume that all people of color, all women, all LGBTQQUIA+ have the same experiences is a great way to remove any semblance of individuality and is incredibly disrespectful to the very people you claim to help. Don’t lump me in with everyone else who shares MY immutable characteristics — I’M the result of a unique combination of upbringing, background, education, values instilled in me by parents, and countless other factors. Just like everyone else.

We don’t want to stereotype white males as being clueless…. but they just keep proving the stereotype correct, again and again and again.

This is a truly monstrous way of thinking, one that’s more in line with that of the KKK than with MLK. If a man were to say this about women or a white person to say this about black people, they’d face severe social consequences, and rightfully so. You’ve become the demon you’ve tried to exorcise from our society, Kessa. Shame on you.

When the discourse deteriorates into sarcasm, insults, etc., it’s born out of the incredible frustration and anger of saying the same thing over and over and over, pleading with white males to just listen, only to have them once again refuse to listen

No, when the discourse deteriorates in sarcasm, insults, etc. it’s born out of your inability to provide stronger arguments. Because adherents of woke orthodoxy view the world through the black and white lens of identity politics, every little aspect of society is seen as a form of bigotry. Every movie, TV show, novel, comic book, joke, commercial and cereal box exemplifies some type of your ever-expanding definition of bigotry. SJWs have become the boy who cried wolf — the rest of the world is simply tired of their constant trivial accusations of bigotry, and the blunt trauma truth is that it’s a world composed of many people of color, women, LGBTQ folks, etc.

This article, for instance, is an example of the typical white male perspective that says that all questions of race and gender and sexuality should just be swept away

You know nothing about me or how I came to this perspective. You have no idea if I’m straight, white, or cis, and you have no idea if any aspect of my identity had any impact on the words you’re commenting on. You know nothing about my experience as a child, being picked on by whites for being Mexican, being picked on by Mexicans for looking white. Yes, my skin color had an impact on my experience, but it’s not an experience that sits comfortably in the brutishly simple grand narrative of identity politics.

And here’s one last grievance I have with this bastard ideology: If I agree with the Woke Way, then I’m considered a person of color, a victim, a minority. But if I disagree with the Woke Way, then I’m considered white, an oppressor, a privileged person. Wokeness is an ideology that’s built on a flimsy foundation of circular thinking and a depletion of consistency, which is why it won’t last long.

Any dogma that thrives on eating itself will eventually run out of food.

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